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Lukas Feichtner gallery features international as well as Austrian art, focussing on painting, photographic works, collages and installations by a young and innovative generation of artists in confrontation with well established artists. Our program is presented through an average of up to seven individual shows per year, a choice of which are accompanied by catalogue editions. The gallery aims at an international audience, participating at fairs worldwide, with a focus to the Asian marked over the last years. We are especially interested in combining an engagement for young contemporary artists with the challenges of today's art market: the confrontation of received standards with such qualities as remain yet to be discovered, the challenging opposition of the well-known and the undetected. Multiple cooperations with international collectors and museum create the basis for effectively catering for a clientele of collectors with a wide range of interests. Our contacts enable us to meet any extravagant desire to own a particular work of art. We are partners in building collections of both private as well as corporative owners.





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