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Hannes Mlenek

was born in the vicinity of Vienna in 1949. Originally he wanted to become a pilot. However, when a friend had died in an accident in 1968, he moved to Vienna and became auditor of Adolf Frohner and Carl Unger at the Academy of Fine Arts.

“I am aware that the large format is my power; there I have an entirely free rein in a physical sense.” (Hannes Mlenek)  

Hannes Mlenek’s new book is an impressive feat – thanks to its format and the fact that this is the first collection of his performance-based projects. The artist moved into one of Vienna’s “Prater studios” in 2016. The large, multistory space is ideal for presenting his large-format pieces and for developing performance-based projects such as the current interdisciplinary “Project ARCHE” in and around his studio or “Medusa*Expedit” and “Medusa*ODE,” a painting performance by the artist in 2015 and 2016 in Vienna. In addition to his installation-based projects, the publication features Mlenek’s latest works.  

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