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Niki Passath

born 1977 in Graz deals in his artistic practice with the secret of life. In particular with human being, emotions, social behaviour – towards machines and the surrounding nature. On his adventurous trip to knowledge he touches different disciplines, from robotics to artificial intelligence up to physics and the life sciences. On different expeditions in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia he find answers which he moves artistically into kinetic objects, sketches, sculptures and photographs. Passath expresses himself by different materials, media and technologies and searches always new challenges by formal and content view. In 1988 he began with the violoncello study, in 1995 with architecture and certified in 2004 in digital art at the university for applied art in Vienna. He was 2004 – 2008 an assistant and university lecturer with Brigitte Kowanz, Thomas Fürstner and Ruth Schnell. Passath is a member of “Wiener Künstlerhaus” and he is a member of the artists collective “Schaumbad”. He lives and works in Vienna and Graz.


installation view Lukas Feichtner Galerie

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