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Zsolt Tibor

born 1973 in Hungary

2001 - Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (ES)

1998-99 - Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad de Sevilla (ES)

1995-02 - MKE/Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting Department


The Vienna based artist Zsolt Tibor developed an individualistic form of drawing. His works develop not organically, but through the addition of elements from his vocabulary of consistently recurring motifs, such as details of buildings, animals, heraldic symbols, magazines, bottles, figures, hands or vehicles. His artistic creativity is based on the appropriation, depletion and superimposition of meanings, on the juxtaposition and combination of set pieces, and on the separation of signifier and signified. At the same time, Tibor is interested only in the form of his motifs, not in their significance.

The lyrical, often merely sketch-like drawings or “sketches in space” — as he describes his sometimes ephemeral installations—can be understood as nuanced critical and ironic comments on human behaviour and current social problems. The artist describes the often large-format drawings as an “intellection-realm of the physical” and views them as an eternal battle between freedom and self-discipline and as an act of deconstruction and construction.

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